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Beste Vita Spiele

PlayStation Vita Spiele bei Spieletipps - Entdecke jetzt die aktuellen Top Spiele für die PlayStation Vita oder stöbere in allen PS Vita Games von A bis Z! Die besten PS Vita Spiele im Test ➤ Unabhängige Testurteile ✓ u.a. aus»M! Games«&»Games Aktuell«✓ Eine Gesamtnote. Für Leute, die gerne Indie Games oder japanische Nischenspiele spielen ist die PS Vita allerdings ein Paradies. Genau aus diesem Grund.

Aktuelle PS Vita Top10 Listen für: 4Players freut sich auf, außerdem bisherige Spiele des Jahres, Top 10 des letzen Jahres und die ewige Bestenlisten für Action. Nach der PSP wird Sony nun auch die Produktion für hauseigene PS Vita Spiele beenden. Das bedeutet wohl, dass der Dritthersteller-Support. Auflistung aller PS Vita Spiele samt Genre, Erscheinungstermin und Wertung in einer sortierbaren Tabelle.

Beste Vita Spiele Best-reviewed PS Vita games of all time Video

Meine Top 10 PS Vita Games 2015 (German)

Warner Bros LEGO Jurassic World. Warner Bros LEGO Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht. Warner Bros LEGO Der Hobbit. Für Leute, die gerne Indie Games oder japanische Nischenspiele spielen ist die PS Vita allerdings ein Paradies. Genau aus diesem Grund. Please sign up or log in to post a comment. First-Person Shooter. Hotline Miami Minecraft is a game of literally endless possibilities. Upon completing the challenges, you unlock special gravity powers and you can use it to destroy enemies through physical attacks. Persona 4 Golden Uncharted: Golden Abyss What is it? You are a regular farm guy until you find the legendary luchador mask. Rayman Legends is the biggest Rayman game ever and it features a vast world Oxota with endless possibilities. Derek Yu's roguelike action adventure isn't for the easily frustrated, but those who make peace with permadeath and have the patience to keep trying will find much to love and curse about this indie hit. By nature of your being, you grow in size by swallowing everything on your path. Everyone is playing it Rayman Origins Je nach den Fähigkeiten der Spieler variiert die Dauer einer Runde sehr stark und talentierte Zocker können stundenlang an einer einzigen Partie sitzen. Eine riesige Welt wartet darauf, von der Spielerin erkundet zu werden. Ich bin sowohl mit dem Zustand des physikalischen Datenträgers als auch mit der Verpackung und dem schnellen Versand 1A Sportwetten Tipico. Auch an Rennen gegen online Spieler kann man teilnehmen. 9/27/ · Editor's Note: List last updated March 04, As the PlayStation Vita approaches its third anniversary, it's time once again for IGN to look back on some of the best video game experiences the Author: Marty Sliva. The Vita has experienced a change in focus since it first launched back in First pitched as a portable with the power of a home console with the ability to carry blockbuster titles in your. The PS Vita's front and back touch controls let you play freely. Fully customize Sackboy and his world with the specialized CREATE tools, and discover endless levels SHARED by fans online. Includes all features from the first and second games together with new PS VIta exclusive elements. Our Quarterly Reports provide a handy list of the 25 best games for each platform, both for the current year so far and for all time. Here are the best games available for the PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation Vita was a failure. We’re using “was” because, for all intents and purposes, it’s a dead system thanks to terrible support from its creators, who announced that they would. Killzone: Mercenary has never been the pinnacle of shooter series, but this exclusive PS Vita sequel is easily the best portable FPS ever made. Mercenary makes the most of its handheld unit. The PS Vita's legacy will be as the premiere home for independently developed games during the s. Steam and the App Store may have given small developers a venue bigger than any they'd ever.

BГrger in der NГhe Beste Vita Spiele Anlagen Beste Vita Spiele Ufc 239 und wollen, aber das heiГt noch lange nicht. - Platz 10: Everybody's Golf

Ich Spiel Spiel das Spiel auf der PS3 auch und war dort schon begeistert. Subscribe Today This is a customizable subscription pop-up to sign up your visitors to your newsletter. Shingekinokyojin Attack on Titan Japanese Ver. Enjoy the spectacular graphics and rock solid controls of Uncharted: Golden Abyss on your Vita. An out and out wacky time, Gravity Rush Gedächtnistraining Online Kostenlos you playing as a young girl aided Poker Straße a cat made of galaxies bear with us here to stop the destruction of a mysterious world.

Alle von Beste Vita Spiele auf meiner Webseite genannten Top Online Casinos in. - Wähle eine Konsolenversion, um mehr Informationen zu erhalten

Capcom 3.
Beste Vita Spiele

Published: July 10, Published: June 15, Published: March 16, December 3, - 1 comment. November 30, - 6 comments. June 1, - 3 comments.

Best Video Games of the Decade December 6, - 25 comments. November 25, - 3 comments. Persona 4 Golden Buy From Amazon. Rayman Origins Rayman Legends Velocity Ultra Yes, that sounds crazy but that is what makes it a thrilling game.

Along your journey, you will entangle yourself in a conspiracy that includes the CERN creator of the Large Hadron Collider and a character named John Titor who has arrived from a dystopian future.

In tandem, Steins;Gate checks all the boxes for a science-fiction lover. In addition, the game runs superbly well on PS Vita because it has been specially designed for the handheld form-factor.

Rayman Origins What is it? Platformer, Action Why you should try it: The Rayman series was started 15 years ago, but it still rules the heart of many gamers.

One of the best editions of the Rayman series was Origins where you discover the magical universe and fight off the evil Darktoons. It has a 2D gameplay, but the story is quite interesting and now it has got high-definition graphics so you are going to fully enjoy the game on PS Vita.

The story revolves around a world called Galde of Dreams which has been overtaken by Darktoons. Now, the Fairy Council asks Rayman to step in to protect their home.

You can play as Rayman and can also team up with your friends supports up to 4 players to play in co-op mode. Finally, your team will have to restore peace and bring order to the Glade of Dreams.

If you are in the mood for an intensive fight then Rayman Origins would be the best game to play on PS Vita. Tales From Space What is it? It has been developed by the same creator and the gameplay is inspired by the retro environment of the 50s and 60s.

Tales from Space is a sci-fi adventure game where you play as an ill-tempered blob. By nature of your being, you grow in size by swallowing everything on your path.

Slowly, you become a giant from a small cell and along the way, get superpower abilities like magnetism, rocket boosting, and telekinesis.

Now, you can utilize your superpowers to devour the whole world. I know the game sounds somewhat basic, but there are interesting puzzles, secrets, and challenges in the story.

Once you solve those challenges, you will become the largest blob in the space. Zero Escape What is it? In this game, you are kidnapped and taken to an unknown location.

There, you find other 9 people who are going through the same fate as yours. The mastermind of this game is called Zero who forces all the participants to play a diabolical Nonary Game.

In all of this, you need to find out why you are here and how you can free yourself from this deadly game. As the game progresses, you will have to find clues and solve mind-bending puzzles to find out who Zero is.

And you will have to chalk out a plan to escape this hellhole. I would say if you like games that have elements of science and philosophical themes then you are going to love playing Zero Escape on your PS Vita.

Gravity Rush What is it? Sony released Gravity Rush 2 in for PS4 and it became an instant hit so you can imagine its wide popularity.

Talking about the original Gravity Rush, the core part of the gameplay is its unique mechanics. You can use an analog stick or the accelerometer to manipulate the gravity and move in any direction.

As the game progresses, you face quests and challenges. Upon completing the challenges, you unlock special gravity powers and you can use it to destroy enemies through physical attacks.

You can enjoy these amazing games anywhere you want because these are some of the most exciting games you will ever play on your handheld.

You will be happy for a very long time and then you can replay these games again. Let us know about your favorite games on the PS Vita in the comment section below.

Please enter your email address here. LOG IN. Recover your password. Terraria What is it? Mortal Kombat What is it? Persona 4 Golden What is it?

Rogue Legacy What is it? Your Comment Please enter your comment! Your Name Please enter your name here. Your Email You have entered an incorrect email address!

Murderous spiders, penguins and even furious trees await your innocent survivalist. Minecraft is a game of literally endless possibilities.

Want to build yourself a farm, raise chickens, and have a simple life? You do that. But want to go on vast adventures and quest to slay an enormous dragon?

Or maybe you just want to hang out with friends and build yourself your own world to live in that looks like Hogwarts or Middle Earth.

As Vita experiences go, the blocky wonder makes for a perfect handheld adventure. Relax in creative mode or get stressed in survival as you hurry to build your first shelter to protect against creepers.

Like a good book, season one of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead adventure game is a tale that's hard to put down. It's exciting. It's gut-wrenching.

It forces you to make some of the toughest decisions you'll ever make in gaming, and it leaves you questioning those choices long after the fifth and final chapter fades to the back.

Lee and Clementine's odyssey is designed to be played multiple times over so that you can make different decisions, save different allies, or toss new friends to the horde.

This is still the main draw in this version, however there's something extra special about how Telltale's cel-shaded comic book style looks on the Vita's screen, and how it feels tapping away your moral dilemmas through optional touch-screen controls.

Even those who have played the original version will find something alluring about this PS Vita adaptation. Lumines has seen several iterations in the years since its PSP original, almost to the point of fatigue-yet the charm of its core mechanics always shines through.

With Lumines: Electronic Symphony , the series grew in ways that make prior entries look like mere spin-offs rather than true sequels.

It reinvented itself for a new medium and showcases Sony's handheld just as wonderfully as its predecessor managed in From beautiful visuals to stellar integration with the PlayStation Network, Lumines: Electronic Symphony is everything we wanted from a Lumines sequel and more.

Going back to the days of the original PlayStation, Wipeout has been the game that gets made when Sony wants to show off. That ambition was never more apparent than in Wipeout , a launch game clearly meant to highlight the new Vita at its best.

That's by no means a slight against it, though.

Beste Vita Spiele


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